Six Core Company Values

Quality: Q-Sox is committed to engineering and manufacturing the highest quality fabric ducts. We are focused on product design and quality and are devoted to providing quality through knowledgeable and punctual service.

Value: We provide products that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by offering valuable design and performance that exceed competitive standards and assure reliable product life.

Innovation: We are engineering leaders in the development of reliable performance and economical design. Our innovation extends to communications with a determination to ensure that clients receive what they expect.

IntegrityFabric Duct Systems is committed to ethics and honesty in all of our relationships and business dealings. We are respectful towards both customers and suppliers and hold ourselves to industry’s highest standards.

Vision: We believe that meeting customer expectations requires that we clearly and completely communicate our vision to others. This requires attention to detail, a clear line of communication, and keeping promises.

Growth: Our growth is the product of both detail understanding and challenge. We continually challenge ourselves to expand our abilities and our contributions. We believe that the company’s growth and the professional development of our team members are tightly intertwined.