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Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp Facility – Las Vegas

The largest consumable food item in Las Vegas is shrimp – 22 million pounds of shrimp a year! Where do Vegas hotels and casinos buy their shrimp? Usually from Asian sources where the waters are often polluted for these bottom-feeding crustaceans. We import about 88 percent of our seafood.

Fabric Duct Systems began working on an experimental, domestic shrimp farm in 2007 with a North Dakota entrepreneur who developed a process that is sustainable, organic, uses no chemicals or growth hormones and produces shrimp of varying sizes that taste like lobster. The shrimp will be grown indoors without effluent in recaptured and reprocessed water in a closed-loop system.

Pathogen-free Mexican white shrimp larvae arrive at the facility and are grown in 44 ponds housed in carefully monitored tanks, crafted from recycled shipping containers filled with treated water in air-conditioned rooms. The tent and containers allow for tight control over environmental conditions – removing inconvenient variables of sea-bed farming such as birds picking off and contaminating the crop. Truly a “GREEN” operation!

There are ten 30 X 50 foot red Q-Sox fabric duct loops hovering above the tanks in the 36,000 square foot tent structure. Each 24” diameter loop distributes 10,000 CFM and maintains the temperature and humidity environment 24/7 for the 120 day gestation period for shrimp maturity. Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp expects to produce more than 462,000 pounds annually.