Q-Sox Products

A Q-Sox fabric duct system is designed and custom-built to meet the unique HVAC/R needs of your specific job. Q-Sox systems provide air distribution solutions that are efficient, economical, and aesthetically pleasing in almost any setting. Our team of professionals will help you identify your project requirements, recommend the appropriate product options, and provide personal support every step of the way. From the initial quote, to system installation, to future product maintenance, we are here to serve you and your customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for a high throw application, soft air diffusion, or something in between, there is a Q-Sox system for you.

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General Product Information:

  • Q-Sox can fit into any almost any environment. Each Q-Sox is custom sized to its application. Q-Sox vary in diameter from 4 in to 60 in either circular or semi-circular. With multiple standard or custom colors, our Q-Sox can blend into almost any decor.
  • Q-Sox fabrics are maintenance free, washable, fire-retardant fabrics. They are available in single, double, or 3-point suspension depending on duct diameter. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and hygienic, Q-Sox will adapt to your most demanding requirements.
  • No Condensation. Q-Sox ventilation ducts are made of both permeable and coated polyester which does not absorb water even in conditions of high humidity. This also results in the removal of a fertile breeding ground for micro-organisms. We pioneered our air distribution systems in food processing plants under stringent humidity and temperature conditions. We are experienced to meet your most demanding requirements.