Quoting Policy

Q-Sox responds to 87% of all pricing requests within 24 hours. Larger, more complex projects will require more time if only pertinent drawings and specification data are submitted.

Fabric Duct Systems (Q-Sox) does not have any exclusive agreements with any sales organization. Our policy allows Q-Sox to serve organizations that want to compete for fabric duct opportunities in their territory without being compelled to go through another local “authorized” representative or sales organization. This policy has been successful for over twelve years and has developed relationships with many domestic and international HVAC sales representatives, distributors, and engineering teams.

Fabric Duct Systems works on a “buy and resell” basis with domestic and international manufacturer’s representatives, design engineers, consultants, end users, and mechanical contractors. We maintain pricing confidentiality and price protection with those organizations that bring the opportunities to us. Please be at liberty to deal directly with us.

Every fabric duct manufacturer has their own standards for duct design and choices of materials, colors, and suspension systems. We will respond to your Request For Quotation (RFQ) based on our application experience using Fabric Duct Systems’ product design standards, fabrics, and components.

The quoted Q-Sox products will provide the air distribution performance and dimensions required by the drawings and specifications sent to us. We cannot provide the exact competitor design as they too have component standards and some of their features may also be patented. Fabric Duct Systems will quote equivalent performance, fabric, quality, and warranty to meet or exceed the competitive product specification submitted with your RFQ.

You may submit Requests for Quotations (RFQ) in several ways:

  • Complete the Interactive PDF Quick Quote Request Form and email with drawings & specification to RFQ@qsox.com
  • Complete the Online Quick Quote Info Form, and submit to Q-Sox for the quickest response.
  • Email duct layout drawings and specifications in PDF or AutoCad file formats and send to RFQ@qsox.com along with all contact information: company name, street address, phone, & FAX numbers, etc.
  • FAX your hand drawn sketch of the duct system(s) stating the application, all duct CFMs, diameters, & lengths along with all contact information: company name, street address, phone, FAX, email, etc. FAX: 952.252.7900