Fabric Duct Systems Inc. will warranty our products from the date of shipment, on a pro-rated basis, for replacement credit toward the purchase cost of a new duct or repair cost of an existing duct. Replacement or repair credit is at the option of Fabric Duct Systems Inc.

This Warranty does not cover Q-Sox products that have been misused, accidentally damaged, improperly installed, insufficient or negligent pre-filtration maintenance, normal wear and tear, fire, excessive heat or water damage, natural disaster, or abnormal operation as discussed elsewhere in this document.

Fabric Duct Systems Inc. may request the product be returned to the factory for inspection prior to determination of warranty status.

Fabric Duct Systems Inc. warrants our products for a maximum of the original purchase price less any shipping or special charges applied at the time of purchase. No consequential, incidental or special damages shall apply.

Fabric Duct Systems’ Warranty covers the materials and workmanship of Fabric Duct Systems Inc. supplied components only. This warranty does not cover installation or installer modifications not authorized by Fabric Duct Systems Inc. This Warranty is in effect as long as the original design parameters are maintained in the installed system. Fabric Duct Systems warrants the Q-Sox product’s performance only to the specified design inlet air volume (CFM), static pressure, duct diameter and length, proper suspension, and selection of material required by customer project engineering. These design parameters shall have been approved by a cognizant project engineer’s signature on our drawings prior to production.

The life span of Q-Sox fabrics should be 15 to 20 years with proper pre-filtration and regular periodic maintenance, careful installation per FDS instructions, and abuse prevention in the application environment. Any changes to the upstream components could void this warranty.

Warranty does not cover the following:

Freight charges to and from the installation site.

  • Labor associated with removal or installation.
  • Purchased or rented auxiliary equipment.
  • Lost or missing hardware.
  • Consultant or temporary labor fees.

This warranty is Fabric Duct Systems Inc. sole warranty; all other warranties either expressed or implied are void.

Specific material warranties

  • Maximum inlet velocity: 1,800 FPM; Double suspension for 34”Ø; 3-Point suspension over 50”Ø
  • Coated Polyester: 10 year non-prorated warranty; 100% for 10 years
  • Permeable Polyester: 10 year non-prorated warranty; 100% for 10 years
  • Polyethylene: 3 year prorated warranty; 100% for 1 year; less 50% each year after 1st year.